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Hildie S. Block

I'm a writer who helps people tell stories. 

That means work with adults writing novel and memoirs, teach writing workshops and help guide young people on their college essays.  I have a masters in writing, over 20 years teaching mostly at the college level and leading workshops, and a background in College Admissions.

Philosophically, I'm focused on "Reader Response" -- I want to communicate beyond the words on the page, through the words on the page.

Recent Publications

"Roll for Initiative" is up at Maryland Literary Review -- check out my story -- about -- dice? Wonder what Logan Circle was like in 1989?


"Numb" appeared in the UK's Fahmidan Journal in their autoimmune warriors issue!  So proud to share that space! (pg 24)


Happy to announce my piece "Phaedra, Oil on Canvas" has recently come out from Mason Jar Press' JARNAL.  Do you know Mason Jar?  They are that scrappy little press in Baltimore that pubbed Ty Coleman's How to Sit which was a finalist for the Pen American Book Award.

(or watch me read it, here!

and get the paper one, too!)


So cool to see the re-publish of my story "Snakes" in Grace and Gravity's From the Attic, accompanied by an introduction by an American University student, Zoe Smith.  Check it out here:


Check out "Half Dozen Donuts at Dawn" published by Big Whoopie Deal!  It's easy and sweet, just like a glazed donut!  Promise!


SO PROUD AND HUMBLED TO ANNOUNCE that my 250-word story "Arrival/Departure" won the 2022 WWPH Holiday contest!  Read it here!


"Life Insurance" in BeZine's Healing Issue -- what is your life worth?

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